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Greater than the Sum of their Parts: How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

Greater than the Sum of their Parts: How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

Here at Spirit of the Earth (SOTE), we have a hard time at stopping ourselves from the magic of an impeccably composed stack of rings. We love nothing more than Layering textures, mixing metals, and juxtaposing stone size to create something entirely unexpected and altogether one-of-a-kind.

What better way to continue falling in love with your jewelry than to add something new into the mix? That said, creating the perfect stack can feel intimidating for even the most jewelry-proficient. 

Ring Stack Styling Tips:

1. The perfect stack tells a story

There is no greater feeling than telling the story of your ring stack, or the charms around your neck for that matter. We like to think that the perfect stack is one that evolves over time. Like a meaningful vignette of objects on a shelf, your stack of rings don't always arise overnight, nor should you pressure it to. Mine is a built on the strong foundation of my mother's wedding band, a sweet sixteen gift and the first peice of fine jewelry I truly bought myself. We love to help clients breathe new life into their jewelry box with an unexpected addition. 

2. Don't be afraid to mix and match metals.

An all-yellow rose or white gold stack is always timeless and chic. But, if you do decide to mix and match, a foolproof way to master the look is by choosing two metals. Pick a dominant color, then incorporate 2-3 pieces of your second metal color throughout your stack.

2. Leave at least one finger bare.

It's a slippery slope once you get the hang of it, but one of the best ways to celebrate a beautiful stack is by giving it space to breathe! For a more balanced and cohesive look, leave at least one finger naked. 4 out of 5 fingers is still plenty of room to play with! 

3. Juxtapose weights and shapes.

Like in any design challenge, visual balance is achieved through variation of scale and size, with a constant eye to proportion. Redundancy is the easiest way to dim that glow, so try not to play it too safe. Mix different kinds of weights and shapes. Like your guidance a bit more structured?

First pick a "Hero" Peice, a ring that acts as the anchor for your stack. Then pair a simple eternity band and a solid, stone-less metal band (this can be hand-hammered for some texture or satin-finished for a more contemporary flair.

4. If your hero ring has a center stone . . . 

Let's say your hero ring is a bezel set stone. Because bezel set stones generally sit a little lower, it's important to evaluate how you like your stackable rings to nest. Our preference with a bezel set stone is to nest the stacking rings below, rather than above, so that the horizon line of your stack has plenty of room to make a statement. 

In the end, the most important rule is that there truly are no rules. It’s never too late to add a ring to your stack. The best stacks are a small reminder of where you've been, and a constant invitation to where you'll go. 

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