About the Store

SOTE | Spirit of the Earth springs from the strong belief that seemingly inanimate objects are vessels of spirit and meaning. In a world increasingly motivated by speed, ease, and technology, SOTE strives to create connective experiences through objects of adornment for body and space. We believe these vessels for storytelling are constant reminders of the values we hold dear.

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Things We Care About


We are committed to supporting craftsmanship and sustaining long-standing techniques from makers all around the world. We spotlight artisans that create with care.


At our core, we are storytellers seeking a medium through which to connect with others. We are deeply committed to nurturing creative communities and bringing people together. We believe in fostering thought and in enriching others.


Our spirit of discovery is guided by our curiosity. We aspire to inspire and inform our community to ask questions and make more conscious choices by sharing craftsmanship from around the world and a process-driven approach.