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Travel is a State of Mind: Ana Swarup of .925 Suneera

Travel is a State of Mind: Ana Swarup of .925 Suneera

In order to indulge our restless spirit of exploration, we've decided to share a journal series called, Travel is a State of Mind. Inspired by a dear friend of ours who confided in us that she and her husband were planning international meals to transport them beyond the confines of their L.A home, we've decided to ask our designers to take us with them on their escapist day-dreams.

In these entries, we'll attempt to spotlight the faraway places and people that contribute so deeply to Spirit of the Earth's texture and the destination muses that inspire our makers and the treasures that they create.

Next up to host us in our travels is Ana Swarup, Designer, and Founder of .925 Suneera. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, Ana's work experiments with classic metals like sterling silver and gold to create unique and iconic textures. Brilliant and rustic diamonds are re-imagined set side by side and contemporary silhouettes are paired with old-world and fine craftsmanship to create a sophisticated and effortless look.

If you could click your heels and go anywhere right now where would you go and why?

There are so many places I am dreaming of right now. A trip closer to home would be Hawaii. We love spending time outdoors and going on the gorgeous hikes the island has to offer. New Zealand is the next out-of-country trip we are saving up for. 

What's your most cherished travel memory?

My husband and I took a recent trip to India. It was his first visit, so we had an itinerary packed with touristy landmarks and some local retreats. 
My favorite part of the trip was visiting the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. A group of Buddhist monasteries carved into a rocky cliffside dating back to 2nd Century BCE. They were architecturally incredible and had so much intricate detailed workmanship. We visited 7 cities and loved zipping through bazaars on a tuk-tuk, stopping for roadside Chai and enjoying the rich cuisines in each region.

Are there any travel influences or destination(s) that have been reoccurring muses in your design process? Are there any pieces you can point to that were inspired by any travels or references to faraway lands?

From the architecture of a city to the people, I love observing and incorporating textures and movement into my work. The signature texture seen in a lot of my pieces was originally influenced by the detailed granulation work found in antique Indian and Turkish Jewelry. I love creating texture and depth and playing with more contemporary silhouettes.

Shop Right to Left:

Raya Band- Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Band with Gitana half Eternity Band- Champagne Diamonds set in Silver $950 | Casper Cuff- Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver with Scattered White Diamonds 0.20cts $1650 | Anna Ring- Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Signet Ring with One White Diamonds 0.12cts $540 

For a lot of us, it can be scary to travel with fine jewelry, what's your favorite.925 Suneera travel look?

I design jewelry for everyday wear and having a special piece that can travel with you has always been very important to me. Whether it is in your daily life from day to night or traveling to new destinations. I think the reason for wearing jewelry doesn’t change, and we all need some that is elegant, understated and versatile. My go-to travel pieces are the Charlie Studs, Raina Pendant, a mix of stackers, and a link necklace to layer for a statement look.

Shop Left to Right:

Nolan Necklace- Black Rhodium Finish Silver 18” Necklace $1,830 layered with Carmela Necklace | .925 Suneera Stackers | Raina Necklace- A row of white Diamonds set in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Bail. $940 | Charlie Studs- Black and Champagne Diamonds set in Silver. 14k Gold Posts $1,250 

What's your favorite recipe from your travels?

Chaat- Indian Street food

What scent or fragrance is most transportive?

Rose Water & Patchouli takes me back to our India Trip

What song takes you vacation?

Cheesy but the first thing that comes to mind is Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes

Favorite travel read?

I like to have a variety. A good non-fiction and catching up on bookmarked articles.

How do you create moments of exploration and discovery at home?

Lots of cooking. We are a family that enjoys eating and cooking. It is a big part of how we get together. Each of us usually has a recipe we want to try out and bring to the table. We have two dogs, so they have been taking us on little outdoor excursions in our city.

What is your favorite SOTE work-from-home look?

I need some SOTE wear in my life! I love the new printed blouses SOTE recently posted on Insta. The colors and patterns are perfect for California summer. I love natural fabrics and a Diega cotton blouse with a pair of light wash denim would be my work from home uniform.

Favorite SOTE vacation-at-home look? 

Shop Left to Right: Casper and Neve Necklace Suite | EKA Saint Dress | Ria Earrings | Shana Cuff | Evil Eye Cuff | Jessie Crochet Bag

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