Collection: LAND + OBJECT

LAND+OBJECT is a sustainable design company based in Santa Fe, NM on Tewa lands. We tell stories of tradition using modern artisanal techniques. The empowerment of indigenous creatives around the world is the driving force behind our practice.

Founder, Sheyenne Sky, is a Diné (Navajo) entrepreneur specializing in luxury goods and fine art. Originally from Gallup, New Mexico, she has had the privilege of living on foreign lands for most of her life. She developed many cherished relationships in countries like Indonesia, Zambia, Colombia, and Mongolia. While it was hard to move so frequently as a child, traveling nurtured high ethical standards and a sense of global citizenship and responsibility -- all very important in running a multi-national sustainable fashion business.

Sheyenne Sky hopes to inspire positive change by promoting the Diné life-way values of peace, balance, harmony, and beauty. She is creating a global network of indigenous-owned businesses implementing land-based sustainability approaches. LAND+OBJECT is her platform to celebrate cross-cultural similarities and share unique stories to foster a global network focused on the success of Indigenous arts.