Collection: WORN

Designers Statement: "Our commitment to sustainability includes all aspects of our business, including the environment, materials, community, packaging, living wage and reducing our carbon footprint. We are proudly a sustainable, ethical and environmentally harmonious business, and we hold ourselves accountable for the impact our business creates. Every step of the production line from production and packaging, to logistics and our community, we consider our impact and take action to implement harmonious practices to help minimise our footprint.

We partner with sustainable green earth organisation Trees4Trees, where one tree is planted in a regenerative forest for every item of furniture sold. We also partner with Australian business Green Fleet, who monitors our businesses carbon emissions carbon emissions, a neutralises the emissions by replanting native trees within Australia.

As a business we only use and source ethically made, sourced and dyed fabrics and whenever possible, our fabrics hold organic and sustainability certifications.

We support local communities in developing countries by providing work and education to our makers, we also preferentially with women-owned-and-run business in Indonesia, Mexico and Australia to support and empower women in the workplace. From the eight businesses we work with directly to produce our clothing and accessories, five are owned and run by women."